Ok, you’ve got the roses. You’ve got the fine jewellery, BUT have you got the picnic basket?

Valentine’s Picnic Box

This Valentine’s, surprise your Valentine with an unforgettable picnic spread for two of 100% insecticide free fresh produce to romance the roses.

Heirloom Tomatoes (2 Big)
Silky Pink Truss Cherry Tomatoes (350g)
Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes (100g)
Snacking Cherry Tomatoes (200g)
Kyuri (2 pcs)
Cocktail Cucumber (4 pcs)

ORDER your Valentine’s Picnic Box before Feb 11, 2022, 5pm.
VALENTINE’S PICNIC BOX SGD33.80 + Delivery SGD15.00 = SGD48.80

DELIVERIES on either:
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Monday, February 14, 2022

Romance is in the air (and the outdoors)
Heirloom Tomatoes & Cherry Tomatoes
Create an unforgettable experience
Prepare well. Snacking cucumber, silky pink truss tomatoes are refreshing in the sun.
Silky Pink Truss Cherry Tomatoes in the sun.
Snacking cucumber in a dip
Sliced kyuri & heirloom tomato
Sliced heirloom cherry tomato. Your cheese might melt a little but that’s the whole point of it all. Melt into each other.
You got this!

P.S. You would have to get your own cheese. Oh, and crackers, dips, bread, all the sorts of imagination that would pop the palate.

Picnic basket and wine not included. You would have to make an effort, you know.

Ignite and rekindle the flames of passion and ORDER a Valentine’s Picnic Box.

Everything real is from Imagination. Imagine, create and enjoy the beautiful day together.


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We don’t need perfection. We just need to feel the love and live the daring to ignite the fire!

Curatorial Statement
Relationships are about spending living, authentic beautiful time together. Time when we first meet, time when we are together, time when we long to meet each other again. Lovely and precious loving memories are created from this unspoken seed of gentle thoughtfulness and great & daring passion. The language of love is gentle and caring. When we take time to care and love well, we live and breathe – ineffable.

WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? would not be possible without the kind help & creative exuberance of Paul Teh, the marketing & sales challenge undertaken by Ranier John Aquino and when THE MARKETING COMPANY FOR FRESH PRODUCE stumbled upon the lovely baskets of HYGGE.