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Fresh Produce Market Survey

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Dutch Seeds & Clean Agritech

Look out for our DEEP DIVE: publications in 2022. We commit to spark deep research, collaborations and solutions through our explorations together.

Safe & Seamless Fulfillment

We look forward to expanding and sharing our knowledge and skills in growing and delivering zero pesticides fresh produce.

DEEP DIVE: Tomatoes

Find our everything about tomatoes. Why do we keep the calyx? Simply marvel at the varieties, shape, sizes and colours of our heirloom tomatoes.

Fresh Produce Sustainable Packaging

Let’s imagine much deeper how fresh produce can be packed safely, with sustainable materials, and at source so that we handle the fresh produce minimally.


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DEEP DIVE: is a marketplace trade journal that is also a lifestyle magazine. Because we desire to live out loud our food sustainability dreams as sweet realities; we celebrate every step of our joint commitments as harvest dances at every turn of solstices and equinoxes.

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